Workshops and Services

Bear Hands offers Public, Private or Semi-Private Workshops, Individual Follow Up, and Bodywork & Wellness Packages to the women of Edmonton, Alberta.

No matter what your charting goals, our workshops will give you the time and skills to chart confidently on your own. All workshops consist of 4 Training Sessions over ~14 weeks real-time charting experience, and include text and charting supplies.

What can you expect from Women’s Cycle Charting instruction?

*Find out how 5 minutes of daily observations can allow you to accurately identify the primary and secondary signs of fertility.

*Discover how to safely, effectively prevent pregnancy. Sympto-thermal charting is 97-99% effective birth control. No Drugs, No Side-Effects!

*Naturally aid in planning conscious conception.

*Understand and demystify the menstrual cycle, and it’s effects on you.

*Gain self knowledge that supports you in making important medical decisions for yourself.

*Develop a relationship of trust and wonder with your own body.

*Learn in an environment that is supported and nurtured by women.

Discover Body Wonder!

* * * *
Charting is highly effective and easy to learn. When practiced consistently, and in keeping with the rules to avoid pregnancy, research has shown it to be 97-99.6% effective as contraception. It is most effective when taught by a trained instructor, and with regular follow-ups over the training period.

Course layout is as follows

Class 1-Introduction:

-What Charting is and how to use it.
-Cervical Fluid and Basal Body Temp readings.

Class 2- Q and A

-Review of CF and BBT
-adding the Cervix check
-Rules for Contraception or Planning for Conception

Class 3-Q and A, Chart concerns
-Review of Contraception rules
-putting the three signs together

Class 4 & 5-Chart reviews, Q and A
-Reading your charts for health and wellness
-Charting hormonal imbalances
-referrals or follow up needs

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