Your Facilitator

Dinah Bear has been actively promoting health and wellness since 1998.  She earned a BSc. in Pharmacology, after which an interest in natural health, nutrition, and body-mind work led her to complete the Grant MacEwan University Holistic Health Practitioner program.

Dinah’s desire to offer Women’s Cycle Charting Instruction then led her to complete the Women’s Body Literacy Advocacy program with Justisse HealthWorks  in 2007.  She has since received training in various aspects of sexual health and women’s health through the Alberta Society for the Promotion of Sexual Health (ASPSH), and the Traveling Tickle Trunk. In 2010 she was proud to become a nominated member of the board of directors with ASPSH.

Since 2004, Dinah has owned and operated Bear Hands Holistic Care & Consultation out of Edmonton, Alberta. Bear Hands is an integrated health practice providing Women’s Cycle Charting, Reiki, Reflexology and Wellness Consulting. Dinah has been teaching reflexology in the Holistic Health program at Edmonton’s Grant MacEwan University since 2009.

Dinah is passionate in helping women find joy in themselves, their bodies, and their sexual health.

Proud to be a member of

Alberta Society for the Promotion of Sexual Health

Fertility Awareness Charting Circle of Edmonton

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

Imagine a women-centered  approach to wellness!


One Response to Your Facilitator

  1. Shelby says:

    Hi Dinah,

    I saw your charting course listed on the Traveling Tickle Trunk website and was looking for more information. Is the session listed on TTT’s website already in progress? When is the next session starting?


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