Request for research participants: woman’s menstrual cycles and physical and emotional changes

As I am a fan of building a body of relevant information through research, I am happy to be able to pass on the following request for study participants:

“I am currently working on my Senior Honors Thesis project for the University
of Kansas’s psychology department under the supervision of Dr. Omri Gillath.
The Gillath Social Psychology Lab focuses on attachment, sex, and caregiving
in close relationships.

For my project I will be looking at the impact of a woman’s menstrual cycle
on physical body changes, emotions, and relational behaviors.

I am currently recruiting women for this study who are 18 years of age or
older, not taking any form of contraceptive birth control, and involved in a
romantic relationship. If you fit these criteria and are interested in
participating or would like more information please contact Rachel Reichman
at rachelr9@ku. edu

Even if you don’t fit these criteria, I would greatly appreciate you taking
the time to pass this along to any friends or family whom you think would
enjoy participating, and ask them to pass it along as well.

I need around 40-50 participants (right now I have less than 10) in order to
complete this project and in turn graduate with honors, so any and all help
passing this along would be wonderful.

Many thanks to anyone who passes on this invitation or is interested in

Best regards,


About Dinah Bear

I've been told that I'm unreasonably fond of books and cats, if that is actually possible. I have a degree in Pharmacology, a diploma in Holistic Health, and private training in Natural Fertility Management. I am passionate about women's sexual and reproductive health!
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