Acupuncture Health Centre a Favourite Referral Partner

I am so delighted to have just found this note on Acupuncture Health Centre’s website. I have been doing cross referrals with them for a while now, and this recommendation was a lovely spot of brightness to my day!

I have had so much great feedback from clients that I’ve sent on to Amanda Roth at the Acupuncture Health Centre! She is able to take the information gained from their charts and work out wonderful plans of care to aid these women on the road to recovery from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, fertility issues and more. She is warm and caring, as well as skilled and compassionate in her work.

I am always delighted to integrate other holistic approaches to health and wellness that have such a positive benefit to the women we work with. And I am equally happy that Amanda thinks the same thing. Having the respect of someone who does such wonderful work in the field means a great deal to me!


About Dinah Bear

I've been told that I'm unreasonably fond of books and cats, if that is actually possible. I have a degree in Pharmacology, a diploma in Holistic Health, and private training in Natural Fertility Management. I am passionate about women's sexual and reproductive health!
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