The Basics

Whether you have regular cycles or not, you can learn how to track your cervical fluid, basal body temperature and cervix position. These signs determine whether or not you are fertile on any given day, if you have ovulated that cycle, and when to expect your next menses. Charting can be used for planning a conscious conception, and improving your chances of conceiving naturally if you have been having difficulty. It has also been proven to be 97-99.6% effective as drug-free contraception.

An important benefit to menstrual cycle charting is increasing your understanding of your reproductive health as a measure of your overall physical and emotional well-being. It will give you an early warning if your body is physically out of balance, before it becomes a major health problem. Should you be undergoing therapy for hormonal imbalances, charting will give you a means to monitor changes occurring as a result of that therapy, to determine whether it is serving your needs.

Perhaps you have serious menstrual health concerns. Maybe you can’t stand being on the pill and want a healthier option. You may have been trying and trying for a child. Or maybe you would just like a better understanding of your menstrual cycles and how it effects your health and behaviour. Whatever your reasons, and wherever you stand in terms of health, Women’s Cycle Charting is a great place to start for female centred reproductive health care!


About Dinah Bear

I've been told that I'm unreasonably fond of books and cats, if that is actually possible. I have a degree in Pharmacology, a diploma in Holistic Health, and private training in Natural Fertility Management. I am passionate about women's sexual and reproductive health!
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